Privacy Policy

Seti Media Inc. respects the privacy of visitors to its websites and users of its applications. We recognize your need for adequate protection and management of the information you provide to us. This Privacy Policy describes the ways in which personally identifiable information ("personal data") from person who use this website and application ("users") may be collected, and how it is stored and used by Seti Media.

This privacy policy may periodically be changed, modified or updated without notice. However, your personal data (as described below) will always be treated in accordance with the Privacy Policy in force on the day of its collection.

  1. Collection of Personal Informations

    To ensure an optimal browsing experience, we collect from the private access of the web portal, your home page and your preferred language as well as the configuration of the stations displayed on the dashboard. Regarding our mobile application, we also keep a code identifying your phone if, and only if, you give us permission to send notifications to your phone, as well as the type of notifications you want to receive, all configurable directly in the mobile app.

    All this information will be collected only once, during the creation of your account, and can be modified if necessary in the Settings tab of the web portal and in the Settings tab of the application in the case of push notifications.

  2. Use of Personal Data

    This information will only be used by Seti Media, and only for the purpose of giving you an optimal browsing experience using the web portal and the application. Your personal data will not be sold, disseminated or distributed in any way to a third party without your consent, except in cases where Seti Media is required to do so by virtue of any applicable law, order of the courts or government regulation, or if such disclosure is otherwise necessary in the course of any criminal or judicial investigation or proceeding taking place here or abroad.

  3. Conservation

    We keep your personal information in a fully local database, hosted on a secure server and updated regularly. In the case of the customer portal, we store information about your home page and your preferred language in your browser's storage system, which will be active throughout and then deactivated when you leave the site.

  4. Access

    You can access and modify your informations via the Settings tab of the web portal or by contacting us at

  5. Contact

    If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us directly at

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