About Seti Media

The Company

Since 2001, the primary mission of Seti Media is to be constantly on the vanguard and lead the way in terms of multi-sensor and web portal technologies.

Innovation: a bit of history ...

At the dawn of the 2000's, the management of Seti Media took a bold and innovative decision: to develop a new generation of intelligent and original stations to adapt to the new realities of urban and motorway projects.

While most manufacturers offered static and limited software, Seti Media undertook a major R & D program that contributed to the development of a portable automated station, making possible the integration of one or more types of sensors already in use manually on several projects. This wealth of data allowed to provide different actors further information and analysis through a custom dashboard. The different layers of information are now readily available to people with a minimum of computer knowledge as well as by people with a high level of knowledge. This infrastructure supports the dynamic exchange of information between different specialties and / or professionals who work at construction sites.

Until now, the concept allows the information collected, in real time or archived, to be used to construct a memory of operations and events, of which the analysis or processing is used to establish operational plans (intervention strategies). This technology and the decision support software create a working environment adapted to the new social and economic realities that are put under pressure by the large number of projects implemented throughout North America.

Our expertise enables managers and various users to focus on core business without having to manage a technology park and the data associated with it. Turnkey formula reduces complexity while providing faster operation and reduced operating costs associated with environmental monitoring.

The Organization

The organization of Seti Media evolves within a CDTI (Centre for Development of Information Technology). Our corporate culture is based on the relationships that the company weaves with its environment, this way of being is an important factor of competitiveness and commercial competence. For us, the competitiveness of the company lies increasingly in the mastery of skills brought by our employees and not simply in possession of material resources.

For us, the interrelationships between technological and organizational innovations are essential to the success of the innovative projects and requirements of our institutional and private clients.

Given the rapid evolution of information technology, we are constantly investing in research and development to remain a leader in our industry allowing us to exceed our customers' requirements and stimulate the continuous development of skills of our employees.

Our key to success is based on the multitasking flexibility gained by each employee. This skill allows us to respond quickly and effectively on regular projects or projects requiring a rapid response.

Quality Statement

Quality at Seti Media inc. is defined by the use of cutting edge methods as well as highly qualified personnel to ensure reasonably priced services with on time delivery that meet customers needs.

Management is committed to :

  1. Ensure at all times the efficiency of services, in a logic of anticipating needs and optimizing the relationship between performance and cost.
  2. Strengthen the internal organization by developing a culture of performance.
  3. Prioritize the respect of others and of our customers.

We are committed to promote the continuous improvement of our services to meet the expectations of our customers, industry partners and authorities. Through its expertise in technology, Seti Media ensures that its interventions will assist its clients in accordance with their requirements while providing a personalized and enthusiastic service, consistent with business objectives.

ISO 9001 Certification

The company worked with his staff since early 2009 to voluntarily obtain the ISO 9001 certification. We believe a rigorous process is necessary due to the complexity of the technologies used and the amount of data that are hosted and processed. This also strengthen the trust of our customers with our corporate culture.

The certification is for the following activities: « Carrying out of automated data acquisition projects for monitoring purposes: environmental, traffic, construction sites monitoring and monitoring for specific studies. Databases creation and management, retention and hosting of the data collected on the monitoring projects. »

Our Commitment

  • Build support tools that improve organizational effectiveness
  • Build an intuitive software product for non-specialists
  • Build systems that serve real needs through customization
  • Build a solid customer relationship by providing added value through constant improvements
  • Build sensor networks that give communities efficient ways to manage environmental, health or security related issues
  • Build new and original service delivery methods using web and mobile technologies


Awards of Excellence in environment

On October 26th, 2004, at the 11th Gala for Awards of Excellence in environment, Seti Media was awarded the prize for excellence in the category “Research and Development in environment” for the innovative and unique aspect of the project Vigilance tm , and its character superior to the standard.

Picture of Awards of Excellence 2004
Mr. René Noël, president of Seti Media and Mr. Thomas Mulcair, Minister of the Environment in 2004

Road Noise Board

Seti Media has been chosen for data acquisition projects on road noise being used for a study at the provincial level. Our expertise contributes to keep accurately informed the Road Noise Board set up by the Minister of Transport since 2005.

Bruit routier à St-Siméon, QC Bruit routier à Clermont, QC Bruit routier à Port-Cartier, QC

Federal Highway Administration

In 2006, FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) of United States chose our technologies (See section 5.6, Figure 5.36 - photo #48) as a reference tool for the use of automated monitoring stations for noise and dust.